Garden Themed Yoga for Kids

Yoga and nature go hand and hand. Yoga helps us be more present and mindful and practicing yoga with our Little Yogis outside is an excellent way for them to connect with the natural world. Gardening is a hobby that continually teaches us to pay attention to the small things, but can also bring us so much joy! This mindful project encourages learning, communication and creativity.

Planning a garden whether it’s an indoor garden or if you have green space outside your home is something the whole family can be involved in. Remember, it doesn’t need to be a full scale garden. It can be as simple as some herbs for a window sill, a container garden or planters for a balcony or deck. If space is available parents can even designate garden space just for your children. It could be something they can take care of from start to finish!

The initial planning of a garden can offer so many opportunities to learn and communicate with one another. Involving children in planning and growing a garden is a great way to teach them about nature and the outdoor interactions that take place everyday around them. Parents can even include valuable life lessons for older children like scheduling and budgeting for the garden.

Once a plan is created, a map of the garden can be a fun project for children. One idea for parents is to create a layout of what the garden will look like. Use a large piece of cardboard or paper and outline the areas of the garden. Younger kids can draw, paint or create a collage of what plants will go into the garden. For older children labelling the map is a great way to work on spelling and handwriting, this can also translate into an art project and they can make garden markers. When you’re ready, get planting!

Plant in a pot

Here’s a garden inspired yoga sequence for the whole family:

Entering the garden (gate pose)

Cartoon yoga pose

Digging holes to plant seeds - (thread the needle pose)

Planting seeds (easy pose or for parent and child - child sitting in parents lap)

Cartoon yoga pose

Watering plants - ragdoll/forward fold and sway arms side to side, wiggle fingers like raindrops or water from a watering can

Cartoon yoga pose

Sprout - chair pose to standing (or hopping)

Cartoon yoga pose

Flower pose

Cartoon yoga pose

Frog - Malasana

Cartoon yoga pose

Worm - cobra

Cartoon yoga pose

Butterfly - bound angle pose

Cartoon yoga pose

Bird (warrior 3)

Cartoon yoga pose

Tree pose or tree hugger (tree pose with arms around one another)

Cartoon yoga pose

Little pebble on a rock (child’s pose or parent on bottom, child on top, both in child's pose)

Cartoon yoga pose

Love this sequence? Check out our Spring Garden Themed Yoga Flash Cards Here!

A garden is a wonderful place to practice some mindfulness. Whether it's a real physical garden or a garden from your imagination, here is one you can practice with your little one.

Heart Garden

-Sitting cross legged, take a big breath in and fill up your heart, breath out and relax

-Think of a word that makes you smile, like rainbow, park or butterfly

-Say this word to yourself a few times

-Imagine planting this word like a seed into your heart, your heart garden

-Imagine watering your word, say your word

-Continue to say your word and see what grows in your heart garden

-What does your word become? How does this make you feel?

-Close your practice with this feeling, you can come back to this practice at anytime

Books are one of our favourite resources, check out your local library or bookstore for these yoga and nature inspired books for Little Yogis at any age:


Sarah Jane Hinder

One of our favourite books at Little Yogis! The perfect book that introduces infants and toddlers to yoga and its many benefits. You’ll find 10 poses named after insects with illustrations that are easily recognized by little ones. (all ages)


Kathy Beliveau/Denise Holmes

A fun and enjoyable book for the whole family with riddles and rhymes that inspire play and imagination all inspired by nature. A favorite among our little yogis! (ages 3+, early readers)


Shelley Moore Thomas/Christopher Silas Neal

This wonderful poem connects us to nature and the world around us. It encourages young readers to be thoughtful about their environment and the simple lessons our surroundings can offer. (ages 4+, early readers)

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