Mindfulness Activities for Kids

How often do you watch TV and realize you haven't been paying attention to the screen? Or read a good book and have to go back and re-read the page you've already read? This is because your mind is FULL not MINDFUL.

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is seeing things more clearly, and paying attention moment to moment. When you are mindful, you notice what is happening—as it is happens. Mindfulness creates a space, a pause in which you can respond considerately to situations, rather than react.

Today, there is a growing interest in mindfulness. Studies show that by practicing mindfulness, the brain can be shaped for greater happiness, greater emotional balance, as well as more effective actions, and greater peace of mind.

Sometimes I wish I learned mindfulness as a child, so that I would have been better equipped with tools to take on life's challenges, especially listening and paying attention at school. Well Little Yogis does just that. Our mindfulness workshop for kids is designed to equip children with the necessary skills to think more clearly with the goal of being less reactive, less anxious and less stressed at school and in life.

Here are some Mindful Activities you can do at home with your child:

Breathing Buddy:

1. Have your child choose a stuffed animal.

2. Lie down and have them place their animal on their tummy, with their arms by their sides.

3. Instruct them to breathe normally and watch their animal ride up and down on their tummy.

4.Count as they breathe to ensure they are focused on their breath

5. Continue for as long as they like!

Child next to rainbow, teddy bear, and pinecones

Mindful Ears:

1. Have your child sit in a comfortable position with their back straight.

2. Instruct them to close their eyes and just listen to the sounds in the house or street.

3. Instruct them to breathe in and out slowly, still paying attention to the sounds.

4. Give them time to listen and ask them to open their eyes and talk about the sounds they heard.

Beagle with big ears

Worry Bubbles:

1. Have your child sit in a comfortable position with their back straight.

2. Instruct them to imagine they are holding a bubble wand.

3. Instruct them to breathe in deeply, imaging their bellies are filling up with air like a balloon. Then breathe out as if they are blowing a bubble through the wand.

4. Instruct them to breathe in again and notice a worry in their minds.

5. Instruct them to breathe out and blow their worry through the bubble wand. Imagine it forming into a bubble.

6. Imagine that the bubble pops and disappears. How wonderful!

7. Repeat until all of their worries are blown away.

Boy blowing bubbles

If you would like to book a mindfulness workshop at your school, please email us at littleyogistoronto@gmail.com.

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