Mindfulness Activity: Sparkle Jars

Young children have a tough time controlling their impulses and gaining control of their emotions. When something happens in their day to day lives that makes them upset we often see rage  in the form of a tantrum. What can we do as parents to help them get through these tough moments?

Mindfulness gives kids space and time to calm down and pay attention to what is going on in their body and environment. Regularly practicing mindfulness reduces stress and increases wellness and self-control.

Glitter jars are a useful mindfulness tool at home and school. Watching the glitter swirl to the bottom of the jar gives kids time to calm down and regain control.


It’s easy and fun to make glitter jars with kids. It’s a lovely project for kids who are learning about emotions and mindfulness.

At all of our after school programs we make glitter jars as a fun activity after our yoga adventure. The kids get so excited to choose their colours and to show their parents at pickup.


Glass or plastic jars with lids 16-ounce

1/2 cup Glitter glue or clear glue

Distilled water

High-temperature hot glue gun

optional 1–2 tsp Glitter


Pour 1/2 cup of distilled water into the jar.

Pour 1/2 cup of glitter glue or clear glue into the jar.

Add 1–2 teaspoons of extra glitter to the jar.

Fill up the remainder of the jar with distilled water.

Use a hot glue gun to squeeze a ring of glue around the lid of the jar. Press the lid onto the jar and secure with the metal ring. - IMPORTANT! Unless you want glitter all over your carpet!

Shake the jar well to distribute the glitter.

Share your glitter jars on Instagram and tag us! We'd love to see your creations!!

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