Top Mindful Apps for Kids

Dear families,

So here we are, into our second week of isolation and its looking like there is no end in sight! Like you, we've created a colour coded schedule at our house to try and keep routine and consistency however we all know that it is not easy to stick to. Ipads and screens have much more appeal than colouring pages and puzzles these days. So if our kids are spending more time on their Ipads, we may as well offer them apps that can help teach them life skills!

We've rounded up the top Mindful Apps that can help teach breathing exercises, visualizations, yoga and focus-based meditation in themes like calm, focus, kindness, sleep, etc.

We hope this list is helpful and we are always here for advice and tips to help you get through the day!

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

Stop, Breathe & Think app

Stop, Breathe & Think is an award winning meditation and mindfulness app that helps you find peace anywhere. It allows you to check in with your emotions, and recommends short guided meditations, yoga and acupressure videos, tuned to how you feel. Their personalized meditation and mindfulness experience won the 2017 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Health App, and has been featured by the Today Show, Apple, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and many more.

Ninja Focus

Ninja Focus app

Ninja Focus is a digital tool to help kids learn to cope with stress and understand their emotions. They also include yoga flows and poses to increase confidence, wake up the body, help with sleep, fight anxiety and more!

Super Stretch Yoga

Super Stretch Yoga

Move, play and breathe as Super Stretch introduces you to his friends and their yoga poses. Super Stretch is your guide who takes you on your journey.

Using storytelling, animation and video examples, kids enjoy making NAMASTE a part of their day. NAMASTE is The Adventures of Super Stretch’s secret code to help kids learn to find balance and strength in their lives. Be the best you can be! Practice poses, collect 12 stars and get a team photo. Each of Super Stretch's friends helps us learn how to use movement and breathing to make every day balanced. Then, real-life kids demonstrate the pose. So easy and entertaining we forget that it’s exercise.

Mindful Powers

Mindful Powers app

Mindful Powers™ is an award-winning, kid-first, holistic approach to helping young minds learn and practice mindfulness so they can respond more effectively to stressful situations through the power of play. Built on a skills-based approach that helps children in early and middle childhood build a healthier relationship with life, stress, and anxiety, Mindful Powers™ empowers kids to bring calm to their lives at the touch of their fingertips.

Headspace for Kids

Headspace app

This is a great place to learn the basics of mindfulness for beginners, and is suitable for a wide range of ages. The included Headspace For Kids program focuses on breathing exercises, visualizations, and focus-based meditation in themes like calm, focus, kindness, sleep, wake up, and tailored for different age groups.

Dreamy Kid

Dreamy Kid app

Made just for kids, Dreamy kid offers meditations such as Body Scan, an ADD and ADHD session, ambient background noise, and more. General and issue-based meditations, guided visualizations and affirmations are added each month.

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