Jessica Schwartzman, Operations Manager

Graydon Hall Nursery Schools has had the pleasure of hosting Michelle Faber and the Little Yogis program beginning this past Autumn 2019.

The Little Yogis program has been implemented with the toddler and preschool age children in all seven Graydon Hall Nursery Schools locations on a bi-weekly basis. The program is dynamic and innovative and speaks to the collaboration of body, mind and soul with our children and staff. Michelle communicates effectively and is highly organized and professional.

Michelle has created a program that helps the children learn how to move their bodies in space while encouraging mindfulness and positivity. The children have exposure to new ideas and poses to strengthen and support their growth and development and to enhance their appreciation of Yoga.

Michelle Faber and the Little Yogis program would be an excellent addition to any holistic approach to teaching and shaping young minds and bodies.


Vicenta Tavares,


The Little Yogis Yoga & Mindfulness program has become a weekly component
to our preschool classroom over the three months. During this period, our yoga
teacher Michelle has demonstrated that she is a reliable and professional
teacher who we can count on to deliver a quality class each week. Her classes
are dynamic, offering a variety of activities while still differentiating instruction
for the different levels in our program.

I have noticed that the program has had a positive effect on the well-being of
the students and the children are excited for yoga each week.

Because of Michelle's proven work habits and the quality of the program, I
would highly recommend Little Yogis.


Monice Morenzie,


Midtowns Tiny Tots has had the pleasure of hosting Michelle Faber and her instructors at our facility beginning in September 2019. Her program has been running weekly on Sundays for families and children in the neighbourhood. During this period the Little Yogis team have demonstrated a level of professionalism that is second to none.

Michelle has created a program that provides an excellent introduction to yoga & mindfulness to children. We have received nothing but positive feedback from families since starting the program and parents have noticed a positive effect on their children. I would highly recommend the Little Yogis program at any school.