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Positivity and Movement for Busy Minds

Little Yogis is a mobile Yoga & Mindfulness program for kids in Dubai aged 2 - 13 years with the goal of improving physical, mental, and emotional health through our curriculum.

Little Yogis partners with nurseries, schools, non-profit, and for-profit organizations to improve the health and wellness of our communities.

Toronto Star Readers' Choice 2023 Diamond Winner for Little Yogis Academy
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Lumi Tonkin

I am Lumi Tonkin, a dedicated fitness professional with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry.

I am passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness, and I have dedicated my career to blending scientific principles with practical fitness strategies, personalised for my clients' needs.

Once my daughter was born I chose to take a career break and dedicate my time to raising my family. Now that our wonderful daughter is growing up, I am excited to reignite my passion for enlightening young minds through the teaching of yoga.

I have now embarked on a new journey, transitioning my career to focus on inspiring young minds, fostering their natural curiosity and to impact on the physical and emotional well-being of children. I am targeting the nurturing and well-being of young minds.

“Little yogis” will bring a sprinkle of imagination and a dash of creativity, captivating stories and playful movements to create a world where yoga becomes an exciting adventure.

I am a true believer in the incredible benefits of yoga. From building strength and flexibility to enhancing focus and mindfulness, yoga empowers kids to discover their inner strengths and embrace their unique selves.

On this enchanting path we'll explore the wonders of yoga, nurturing not only our bodies, but also out hearts and minds.

We will giggle, stretch, and breathe together, we will unlock our inner superheroes, have imaginary travels and find moments of serenity in our own little yoga sanctuary. 

*Safety is our top priority, and each session is conducted in a warm and inclusive environment, adapting yoga practices to suit different ages and abilities, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and confident to shine.

**Lumi has also been the receipient of The Hotelier Middle East Awards Fitness and Recreation Person of the Year.

Lumi Tonkin


My name is Amy Parsons. Mother to three kiddos, family based photographer, Islander, and yoga teacher! 

I completed my first yoga training with Modo Yoga in Montreal in the fall of 2010 and went on to do my Modo Flow training in Halifax a few years later. I taught full time for several years before changing directions and operating a successful photography business here on the Island. I am a people person and feel as though my background of teaching yoga, and photographing families with young children will serve me well in this new adventure. I've been told that I make my clients/students feel comfortable and I can't wait to bring that skill with me to Little Yogis. 

While I absolutely LOVE photographing all of the beautiful babies and families on PEI (and will continue to do so), I look forward to getting back to my roots in the yoga community. The mental health crisis is real, and I see symptoms within my own family which has led me here! Children need to learn to move their bodies, self regulate, and be mindful of their thoughts/actions. I strongly believe that our children model OUR behaviour and I want to be the change within my own family. I can't wait to help Island kiddos develop healthier habits and mindfulness with the incredible Little Yogis/Busy Minds program.

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