Our Programs

We offer several programs for kids and their grownups. Click on a program below to learn more.

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Cognitive Development

  • Connecting learned experiences to hands-on experiences
  • Recalling information
  • Building new neural connections in a meaningful way
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Social & Emotional Development

  • Communication
  • Friendship
  • Relationships with self and others
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Personal Development

  • Growth Mindset
  • Self-Regulation
  • Stress Management
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Health and Physical Education

  • Gross motor skills
  • Stress Management
  • Flexibility
  • Functional Movement
  • Connecting with breath
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The Arts: Music (Toddler and Pre-K)

  • Recalling song lyrics
  • Learning new songs
  • Singing

Little Yogis Yoga Curriculum

Our very own Little Yogi’s Yoga Curriculum is specifically designed so that all of our clients and students will benefit from the program. Our child-friendly curriculum is crafted by an Ontario Certified Teacher and is based on children’s different developmental needs as they grow. The programs we offer are engaging and fun all while being physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial for young children.

Our teachers are trained in this curriculum in order to ensure that every child that participates in the Little Yogis program is receiving the same quality experience no matter where they are located or who is teaching the class. Our teachers are selected through a rigorous interview process and are devoted to holistic teaching practices focusing on the child’s mind, body, and emotions.

By engaging in Little Yogis lessons, children across all age groups develop skills in the following areas:

our mission

A child friendly curriculum that is fun and beneficial!

Little Yogis teaches children of all ages simple and practical techniques that can be used in their daily lives to build strength, flexibility, self-confidence, and self awareness.

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Our Philosophy

Little Yogis had developed our very own child-friendly curriculum based on children’s different developmental needs as they grow. Our program is both engaging and fun while also being physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial.

This program is one of the easiest and most effective ways to empower children to overcome challenges that they are facing in their daily lives.

Through the Little Yogis program, children build self-esteem, become more emotionally resilient, and learn how to calm their minds and their bodies.

Our program combines mindfulness, breath awareness, movement, and exercises that build flexibility and balance.

All students will develop tools for relaxation and peacefulness all while having fun, laughing, moving their bodies, building friendships, and learning to connect with themselves. Our program is crafted to help build resilience, strengthen self-regulation, and provide a sense of belonging for all students.

Yoga, mindfulness, and social emotional learning are all buzz words within the education world—and for good reason. Studies show that practicing yoga & mindfulness daily leads to a healthier, happier, and calmer life. By learning these skills at a young age children become more resilient. Yoga encourages an acceptance of oneself that will comfort them during times of self-doubt. It encourages a mindfulness that creates a positive outlook, increases confidence, and gives kids tools that they can use their entire lives.