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Positivity and Movement for Busy Minds

Little Yogis is a mobile Yoga & Mindfulness program for kids aged 2 - 13 years with the goal of improving physical, mental, and emotional health through our curriculum.

Little Yogis partners with schools, childcare centres, non-profit, and for-profit organizations to improve the health and wellness of our communities.

Toronto Star Readers' Choice 2023 Diamond Winner for Little Yogis Academy
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Kristy-rae Anderson

Hello! I am Kristy-rae Anderson, owner of Little Yogis Academy Saskatchewan. I am blessed to call Saskatchewan home. I live in Saskatoon on Treaty Six Territory and the Homeland of the Metis. I am a proud mother to three mostly grown children. I sometimes wish they would have stayed little forever but watching them grow and thrive has been the greatest joy of my life!

My background is in early childhood intervention and education. I am passionate about positive early childhood experiences and have spent the last few years of my career dedicated to this important endeavour. I taught preschool for many years where I incorporated yoga and mindfulness practices into our daily routine. My current role allows me the opportunity to travel into northern Saskatchewan communities to work with some of our provinces most vulnerable little ones. Through my work and everyday life, my focus is on valuing the innate potential of all of Saskatchewan’s children.

I attended my first yoga class many moons ago while on a birthday getaway in the Canadian Rockies. I stumbled through poses above my skill level with as much grace as I could muster and when the class was over my heart was bursting with gratitude! I felt calm, energized, and blissful. Since then my yoga practice has been sporadic at best. As any parent can attest to, self care is often last on the list of priorities. I have vivid memories of laying on my yoga mat only to be tackled by my boys who saw it as an invitation to a wrestling match with mom. My daughter would also insist on joining me with her signature yoga pose “the angry kitten”. While I adored their enthusiasm, it was no easy task to remain zen while being tackled by toddlers and glared at by an adorable angry kitten! I know in my heart that my focus was exactly where it needed to be back then and now that my children are older I have time to dedicate to my practice and share my passion with others.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring Little Yogis Academy to the prairies. I hope to share the blissful feeling I felt after my first class with all of Saskatchewan’s Little Yogis!

Kristy-rae Anderson


My name is Amy Parsons. Mother to three kiddos, family based photographer, Islander, and yoga teacher! 

I completed my first yoga training with Modo Yoga in Montreal in the fall of 2010 and went on to do my Modo Flow training in Halifax a few years later. I taught full time for several years before changing directions and operating a successful photography business here on the Island. I am a people person and feel as though my background of teaching yoga, and photographing families with young children will serve me well in this new adventure. I've been told that I make my clients/students feel comfortable and I can't wait to bring that skill with me to Little Yogis. 

While I absolutely LOVE photographing all of the beautiful babies and families on PEI (and will continue to do so), I look forward to getting back to my roots in the yoga community. The mental health crisis is real, and I see symptoms within my own family which has led me here! Children need to learn to move their bodies, self regulate, and be mindful of their thoughts/actions. I strongly believe that our children model OUR behaviour and I want to be the change within my own family. I can't wait to help Island kiddos develop healthier habits and mindfulness with the incredible Little Yogis/Busy Minds program.

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