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Little Yogis is empowering children through an introduction to yoga and mindfulness practices.

Developed by an Ontario Certified Teacher and yoga teacher, our program combines mindfulness, breath awareness, movement and exercises that build flexibility and balance with curriculum connections, both formal and informal, to give your children a full, immersive experience.  All students will develop tools for relaxation and peacefulness all while having fun, laughing, moving their bodies, building friendships and learning to connect with themselves and the world around them in a deep, meaningful way.  Our program is crafted to help build resiliency, strengthen self-regulation and provide a sense of belonging and community for all students.

We believe consistency and repetition are necessary to learn the basics of yoga as well as the benefits of breathing and calming exercises. Our sessions run 4 - 8 weeks in length for afterschool programs and weekly/biweekly during the school day.

Inquire today about our free 30 minute demo class (Serious inquires only please)

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learning outcomes

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Demonstrate basic skills associated with yoga activities including strength and flexibility, balance and coordination.


Improve personal fitness through participation in yoga, muscular, strength, and muscular endurance activities



Improve social and emotional wellbeing



Demonstrate knowledge of basic emotions and tools to help when overwhelmed



Demonstrate knowledge of deep breathing techniques and calming exercises



Demonstrate knowledge of basic yoga poses and sequences


Improve body awareness

Daycare Program

Yoga Classes for ages 18 months - 4 years.

Our daycare program is meant to be an easy introduction to yoga. Each class is themed and has the following elements:

Warm Up
Breath Work
Yoga Poses
Savasana (calming meditation) 

Each week we go on a different adventure and do yoga poses along the way. We supply mats for each child, props, music and lots of love!

Class length is modified by age group:

Toddler: 15 - 20 minutes
Preschool: 30 minutes

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JK - Grade 8

These classes are meant for our bigger yogis. Older students will explore partner yoga poses that build confidence and trust, while younger students will focus on getting to know how fun yoga can be. Each class is themed and has the following elements:

Warm Up
Breath Work
Yoga Poses
Savasana (calming meditation) 

We supply mats for each child, props, music and more! Each yoga class is tailored to the specific age group.

*Available for before and after school programs, as well as lunch programs.*

Class length is modified by age group:

JK/SK: 30 minutes
Grades 1- 5: 45 minutes
Grades 5 - 8: 1 hour

Yoga & Mindfulness

Looking to enrich the lives of your whole school population in just one day? Invite our instructors to your school for a full day yoga & mindfulness workshop with our experienced instructors. Your students will learn the basics of yoga, breathwork and mindfulness to combat everyday stresses and anxiety. Not only that, they will have a ton of fun doing it!

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Lunch & Afterschool Programs

Little Yogis works directly with the parent council or school administration for lunch or afterschool programming. If you’d like our program at your school just email us!

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Mindfulness 101 Workshop

Learn the ABC’s of Mindfulness: An easy introduction into the basic concepts that can support the overall well-being and awareness of feelings in a child’s life. Scientific evidence suggests that mindfulness helps improve attention, self-control, emotional resilience, and memory in young children and adults alike.

Duration: 1 hour

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Graydon Hall Nursery Schools has had the pleasure of hosting Michelle Faber and the Little Yogis program beginning this past Autumn 2019.

The Little Yogis program has been implemented with the toddler and preschool age children in all seven Graydon Hall Nursery Schools locations on a bi-weekly basis. The program is dynamic and innovative and speaks to the collaboration of body, mind and soul with our children and staff. Michelle communicates effectively and is highly organized and professional.

Michelle has created a program that helps the children learn how to move their bodies in space while encouraging mindfulness and positivity. The children have exposure to new ideas and poses to strengthen and support their growth and development and to enhance their appreciation of Yoga.

Michelle Faber and the Little Yogis program would be an excellent addition to any holistic approach to teaching and shaping young minds and bodies.

Jessica Schwartzman

Graydon Hall Nursery Schools

Operations Manage 


Little Yogis is partners with Jumpstart Charities. To find out more about applying for funding to bring our program to your school click here.

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