5 Ebooks That Will Help Your Kids Fall in Love with Yoga

Yoga is a decades-old form of self-care—and it's not just for adults. Our article on the "Importance of Yoga & Mindfulness in Early Childhood" highlights that in kids, yoga can improve balance, strength, and flexibility while also helping them manage their emotions and become more mindful.

With the long-term health benefits your kids can reap from yoga, you're probably wondering how to help them fall in love with it. One innovative resource you can turn to is the ebook, as it can effectively teach your kids about yoga. Below, we will examine the benefits of an ebook and list a few of the best titles your kids can start with.

Why are ebooks effective for teaching kids about yoga?



Today's kids are undeniably digital natives, with a United States Census finding that 4 out of 5 households with children own a tablet. This means that they will be very comfortable using and learning from an ebook. Some ebooks are also interactive, which helps children learn through actionable content rather than just passively engaging with the material.

Another advantage of the ebook is the level of accessibility it gives readers, especially with the rise of affordable subscription services. The digital ebook library on Everand provides access to plenty of material on yoga, with over 100,000 related ebook titles available. Some of the most popular titles include "Yoga: A Manual for Life" by Naomi Annand and "Yoga for Beginners" by Jessica Thompson in just a few clicks. More importantly, these services will have many yoga books just for kids, making digital libraries a great resource for them to learn and fall in love with yoga.

And with more digital tools available to enhance the reading experience, you won’t have to worry about keeping your kids engaged, either. Bookro’s free reading tracker lets you set reading goals for your kids and participate in fun challenges. All this means kids can easily fall in love with yoga through ebooks. Here are some of the best titles they can start with.


The Best Yoga Ebooks for Kids


Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids by Kristen Fischer

Have your kids read "Zoo Zen" for a fun adventure! Here, they'll join the main character, Lyla, as she learns yoga and tips from her friends at the zoo. The book uses rhyming and counting to make memorization much easier. If your kids love animals, this engaging story will ensure they'll definitely enjoy their first yoga sessions.

Yoga Kids. The Funniest Yoga for Kids by Florinda Llorente

This ebook highlights that yoga isn't just relaxing—it’s fun, too! Using a unique approach, "Yoga kids" outlines 55 different postures and yoga techniques. Each is equipped with a corresponding fact, song, poem, or joke that can encourage children to keep learning more.

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story by Mariam Gates

In her book "Good Night Yoga," yogini Mariam Gates demonstrates how yoga can help kids get ready for bed after a long day of learning and playing. Its colorful illustrations narrate a world preparing for the night to teach simple, nature-inspired yoga postures that can soothe the mind and body. It's a great read for helping kids associate yoga with sleep, relaxation, and other positive emotions.

Hello, Sun!: A Yoga Sun Salutation to Start Your Day by Sarah Jane Hinder

Yoga can also give your children a great way to calm their minds before starting a new day. Sarah Jane Hinder’s book "Hello, Sun!" is filled with bright illustrations of morning routine poses that your kids can follow so they can start the day with a positive outlook. Hinder's book includes special sunshine meditation which uses the morning sunlight warmth to get your kids feeling relaxed and positive for the day.

Dino Yoga by Lorena Pajalunga

Yoga can be more fun when special characters are involved, and "Dino Yoga" does just that. Here, kids can learn a variety of yoga poses and meditation exercises with the help off our adorable dinosaurs—Rex, Raptor, Trixie, and Diplo. Incorporating yoga with children’s playful imaginations can help them fall in love with it, especially if they love dinosaurs!

In today's rapidly digitalizing world, yoga can help kids achieve better health and wellness. With the help of these ebooks, your kids can easily enjoy the wonders of doing yoga in a more accessible, engaging, and innovative way.

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